Consulting by TalentTek covers all aspects of product lifecycle management.

Full Life-Cycle

One powerful and pervasive testing ecosystem to deliver you the best of QA.

Dedicated Team

Tailored Dedicated QA and Testing Teams for mid- and long-term engagements

Web Application

Deliver great web applications, win more users. A specially developed package of services.

Mobile Application

Unbiased mobile testing services for the delivery of true software quality.


TalentTek test automation services for better test coverage and successful effort allocation

WE BUILD THE SOFTWARE TESTING TEAM YOU NEEDInfinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


Managed software testing services for the rapidly growing organization

We’ll help you fill your software quality assurance gaps by defining your unique software testing strategy and then build your own dedicated team to execute it over the long-term. You’ll enjoy minimized risk and costs and ultimately, deliver superior user experiences that win in the marketplace.



We’ll build you a team of one or more testers, a delivery manager, and a consultant working seamlessly with you. Not only will you count on their skills and expertise, but they have over 50 other passionate TalentTek quality engineers to turn to when dealing with the complexities of testing.

We’ll define the goals and context of your software testing, assess your maturity as it stands today, then build a specific and actionable plan to control risk, quality, and costs following a context-driven strategy.

TalentTek can help you choose the best and most cost-effective tools. We contribute heavily to the development of open source testing tools (like JMeter and Taurus) and also develop custom, proprietary tools.


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