Desktop Application Testing


Desktop Application Testing

TalentTek is the team of certified, award-winning testing engineers who care about quality. We are customer-obsessed and put your business priorities first. To make our collaboration even more fruitful — we ensure our clients with transparency of the testing process, and strictly follow Service Level Agreements. The TalentTek team puts forth rapid and cost-effective Quality Assurance, using only the best and latest desktop testing tools. We will make sure your software works on the most popular types of devices and operating systems. Our team knows you want your service to be secure, user-friendly, feature-packed and well-functioning. We nail all of that to help your business achieve excellence, introduce a cutting-edge software to the market, and take root.

When the audience starts using your software, they expect it to be secure, reliable, well-performing, and they usually take it for granted. Yet, exactly this is the sign of perfection: people don’t feel like changing anything, and they are comfortably using your service without the need for replacement. However, it is only possible if this application was tested before it got into your hands. During many years of successful service for a number of industries, we’ve managed to maintain a sleek and efficient testing mechanism, because we care about your time and investments like we care about the quality of our service.

TalentTek will empower your desktop application with impeccable quality. We provide full-cycle testing service to make your software secure, fast, appealing, and bug-free.

We make sure every button and function works just as it’s supposed to so that users don’t get errors and unexpected outcomes when they use your software.

Desktop application has to resist a big number of people using it simultaneously. Thousands of server requests should be handled painlessly, and performance testing of desktop application helps to make sure it won’t fail while processing tons of user data.

Your application will be tested with forced attacks to ensure all sensitive information (passwords, user data, transaction history, etc.) is encrypted, network is protected, database responds with valid output on request, and ensure users with maximum safety and confidentiality.

When you make any updates to your software, it leads to numerous glitches because old functionality poorly integrates with the new one. Regression desktop app testing helps find the core of every bug to proceed with further updates and polishing of the app.

Your users want to see a simple, intuitive, modern, appealing software interface. Our QA engineers will check whether it is convenient and ready to face your demanding target audience.

Your software will be downloaded and used on a number of OSs, and you definitely want it to work equally great on each of them. With compatibility desktop app testing, our team will ensure that your app runs without bugs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and other platforms.

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“… We have been working together with TalentTek on a number of new releases. The TalentTek team has always provided us with prompt response, when it comes to setup of the team, getting to know the contents of the new release package and reporting on the status.

With fast response to our requirements and professional approach, I can definitely recommend the cooperation with TalentTek”

Amanda Seyfried
Head of Quality, InnoGames

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