QA Consulting


Our TalentTek experts, analysts, and managers help organizations to develop efficient and profitable testing strategies which benefit businesses with the best cost/quality ratio. We analyze, determine, and establish a roadmap which meets your desires and business requirements.

Good quality assurance depends on the skill of your QA engineers. Thorough quality testing depends on your testing strategy and testing plan. If your in-house team has already taken care of quality, TalentTek’s QA consultants can help you ensure the thoroughness of your testing.

Cooperation Types

Our TalentTek consultants will provide you with a complete testing plan for your current project that will help you ensure its quality and success.

Our TalentTek consultants will create a testing strategy that you will be able to use as a guide and template for all of your future testing needs.

Our TalentTek consultants will provide you with insights into industry best-practices, recommend tools for testing, and provide a preliminary assessment of all the work you’ve already done.

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“… We have been working together with TalentTek on a number of new releases. The TalentTek team has always provided us with prompt response, when it comes to setup of the team, getting to know the contents of the new release package and reporting on the status.

With fast response to our requirements and professional approach, I can definitely recommend the cooperation with TalentTek”

Amanda Seyfried
Head of Quality, InnoGames