Software Testing Documentation


Software Testing Documentation

The testing process is a crucial stage in the development of a solid and powerful application. In the end, it will determine how confidently the product will be recognized by the market and by the end user. To make sure it brings results, testing should be fully documented to provide efficient resource control, monitoring, and allocation.

At TalentTek, we value transparency and clear communication with clients above all. Our testers make sure that every test case and its outcomes are noted down in QA documentation, while all detected bugs are recognized and classified for easy management and fixing. We perform test analysis, develop an effective testing strategy and provide a detailed overview of every error we have detected. In this way, we provide business owners with a clear picture of what occurs in the project and what are the team priorities in the short and long run. Furthermore, thorough testing documentation enables test cases to be repeatable and methodologies to be reusable throughout further development.

We are the team of worldwide recognized and certified by ISTQB testers, who has a broad experience in test results documenting. We test web, mobile, and desktop projects powered by strong and proven technologies such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, Scala, etc. For even greater transparency, our testing and development team have created the internal resource management service that evaluates the quality of performed work and helps to arrange processes effectively. With our monitoring algorithms in place, our clients are always sure to receive results that fully correspond to SLA agreements, their business objectives, and expectations.

Comprehensive and well-organized QA testing documentation helps to keep track of every step of testing processes, including test planning, case execution, and result evaluation. It’s all under your control, in time, and within the budget.

Our testers identify appropriate testing strategies, needed hardware, and required systems to test a project environment and its functionality. We outline data requirements, create test schedules, and create perfect conditions for successful product performance.

Test cases consist of test data, project requirements, and expected results regarding the final release of a product. TalentTek team writes a detailed case for each unique testing scenario to obtain the best product performance.

Fixing code errors starts with writing them down, both in manual and test automation documentation. To see all the unsolved issues, we create detailed bug reports where all issues are identified, clustered, and color-tagged. Our clients have full access to all of them so they have a timely report on project problems and found solutions.

Our team compiles User Acceptance Reports to document the final stage of testing where end-user reactions, result evaluations, and error identification is clearly defined.

RTM documents all client and testing team requirements for user experience based on previously identified test cases. With Matrix, business owners and the testing teams can easily keep track of verified functionality and maintain testing consistency.

At TalentTek, we make detailed testing checklists to visually communicate to our clients whether the product meets requirements set in the SLA, whether all components work as intended, and whether the software is intuitive, responsive, and adherent to industry standards.

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“… We have been working together with TalentTek on a number of new releases. The TalentTek team has always provided us with prompt response, when it comes to setup of the team, getting to know the contents of the new release package and reporting on the status.

With fast response to our requirements and professional approach, I can definitely recommend the cooperation with TalentTek”

Amanda Seyfried
Head of Quality, InnoGames

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