Web Application Testing


Web Application Testing

At TalentTek our primary goal is to ensure the uncompromising quality of each application we test. Web application’s aren’t just information resources, they are multi functional, complex, and unique solutions that require precision, 24/7 up-time, and a custom approach to every function and line of code. Our web application testing team will make sure that every line of code runs smoothly and possess perfect compatibility with all the devices, platforms, and systems on which the application will be used.

We have already tested more than 800 web applications using both manual and automation testing methods. We pay close attention to your company’ needs, industry peculiarities, and target audience. We adapt to the ever changing demands of the business environment and focus on delivering the highest quality of web application testing services for your development and growth.

We can follow your web application from the very first stages of the development to the post-production maintenance and support. Our web testing services are based on principles of complete transparency during the testing process, strict adherence to Service Level Agreements, and comprehensive communication between clients and the TalentTek team.

Our qualified QA engineers have deep knowledge not only in quality assurance services, but also in programming languages particularities they work with. They have practical experience of working with PHP, C#, C ++, Java, Scala, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and others, that help us make your software better and promising. We deliver our work on time and budget, respecting your business objectives and helping your company to stand out from competitors

Web application testing is one of our core services. With 8 years of experience on web application projects, we have worked out a specially developed package of services.

With the web functional testing, we guarantee that all clients requirements are met, ensuring perfect work of each app component without losing the initial project concept.

We check that every pixel is displayed correctly on all web browsers, making your application suitable for all devices, platforms, and systems.

Our performance web application testing ensures the responsiveness and stability of software through the most complex app’s architectures and systems, offering the best user and speed load experience.

We confirm that with web security testing all your data will be protected from data leaks and malicious actions, building the trusting relationship between our clients and their users.

We use proven testing usability practices to guarantee that your web application will be easy to use, intuitive, and attractive. Helping to overcome the usability issues we make your app better and eyes catching.

We follow each stage of the web application production, ensuring its release on time as well as the exceptional support and rapid response to each appeared error.

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“… We have been working together with TalentTek on a number of new releases. The TalentTek team has always provided us with prompt response, when it comes to setup of the team, getting to know the contents of the new release package and reporting on the status.

With fast response to our requirements and professional approach, I can definitely recommend the cooperation with TalentTek”

Amanda Seyfried
Head of Quality, InnoGames

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